Democratic candidate running for New York State Senate District 6


Pass Safe Staffing For Hospitals

Pass the Reproductive Health Act

Pass the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act

Pass the NY Health Act

Gun Control

    Pass the Red Flag Law in NY
    Support and strengthen the SAFE Act


    Pass real property tax relief Including:

Allow those who make less than $300,000 to take the full SALT exemption in excess of the federally mandated $10,000 cap

Raise the Senior Citizen real property tax exemption and the Disabilities Real Property Tax exemption to $50,000

Cap real property taxes for senior citizens.


Fully implement the NY Court of Appeals ruling in regard to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity and ensure that our public schools receiving all of the funding from the state that they are owed


    Pass the Public Works Definition Act

    Protecting the Prevailing Wage

Infrastructure and Environment
    Infrastructure investment in roads by fixing potholes, rebuilding bridges, updating the LIRR, and sewers on Long Island.
    Protect our Long Island aquifers by passing the ban on nitrogen pollutants.

Civil Rights

    End Cash Bail in cases of minor offenses

    Legalize Cannabis


Pass the NY Liberty Act

Pass the NY Dream Act

Consumer Protection

Pass SB 8131 (An amendment to GBL 349 to bring New York’s consumer protection laws up to date and protect consumers in NY)

Climate Change

Pass the Climate and Communities Protection Act

Paid for by Friends of Kevin Thomas for Senate