The History of Politicians Kissing Babies

Whenever election season is upon the US there are many clichés that come into play to win the trust of voters and citizens. Some supporters see it as an entertaining form of getting to know candidates, and some find it unnecessary and made up.

Some of these include talking about their humble beginnings, speeches, and bonding with potential supporters.

One of the most famous cliches are politicians kissing babies of supporters at events. Usually, this happens whenever supporters are lined up to get a glimpse of the candidate at an event. Parents hand their babies to candidates for a photo of the politician kissing the baby.

For years, presidential candidates have been trying to project a kind and nurturing image by posing for pictures while kissing babies of supporters. The first known instance was with democrat Andrew Jackson in 1833 while on a presidential campaign. Jackson declared ‘There is a fine specimen of American childhood’.

An interesting fact about most of these photos is that the babies are always awake. Sleep regression with babies is one of the most difficult things to handle as a parent of a newborn baby. 18 month old sleep regression has been one of the most talked-about issues on a lot of newborn blogs.

There are a lot of articles talking about how to handle the situation with toddlers, babies, and sleep regression, and handling the late-night crying and being able to get through it with calmness.

Some of the main possible causes have been described as teething or separation anxiety. These sleep regressions can last for up to 2 years of age.

With a parent having to wake up and attend to their babies whenever they wake up late at night, we can see why babies are always calm when being nurtured by these politicians.