Write for Us

We always need new writers to help us provide more information on politics in general, political news, and advice to our readers. As a magazine website, we need articles and other write up on political conversations for our readers to learn more about how to participate in political views.

We are a democrat magazine, but we try to provide information on politics in general to cover a wider spectrum of politics. A lot of readers might be interested in a future in politics. Articles will need to be informative and dedicated to all readers.

Our writing team needs to be able to draw attention to all the necessary factors that are most important in the world of politics and to build knowledge around it.

Some of the readers are more experienced and knowledgeable about politics and what goes on in campaigns and giving advice. With so many politicians and different standpoints from voters and political followers, articles need to be diverse.

There are many factors surrounding giving advice towards political choices and how to teach children about political views and serious matters. Writers need to be able to have their own thoughts around how to give political advice and give information on how to talk to children about politics.

News on politics will be one of the main topics to cover on our magazine website. This means you will have to write about the latest happenings around political movements. Some of these news articles will be about certain political candidates and what they believe in changing.

If you would be interested in becoming a writer for our magazine site, you will need to have an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the political world and its candidates. Write 3 articles about some of the political subjects mentioned and send them through to us on our contact page.

You will need to have good skills in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. All our articles will need to be written in the English language with relevant subjects.